Monday, 29 July 2013


That was quick! Ha! Home again and sooooo pleased to be here. The trip has faded instantly to lovely memories now. The blog will help me to remember lots of days that were so special, we certainly had the most wonderful trip, and we thank everyone who made it such a fantastic experience.

We arrived yesterday morning but were unlucky to miss Christopher and 69 of his pals off on their trip to Canberra and the snow by just a few minutes. Two longed for faces were waiting for us, Savina and Leo, sooo good to see them.

Glenn was home with his chipmunk face from having his 4 wisdom teeth removed and we are dying to see the other three faces of Edward, Rebecca and Michael today. 

Our dear neighbours Margot and Dick greeted us along with our new family members..... Four chickens who are busily turning over the gardens. No eggs yet but they had better start producing to justify their palatial home. 

Thank you to the few friends who came on the trip via the blog. I feel I won't have anything to tell you when we meet. There's no more reading from now on you hear. Life gets pretty dull from now on with only work, work, and more work ahead of me. I will be getting back to the purpose of writing the blog as a diary of my work and thoughts and inspirations about ceramics. Some final shots of the trip before you leave.

London from our hotel room on the 26th floor, see the Shard, the London Eye, with the Natural History Museum in the foreground and the V&A middle distance. You can even see Harrods.
This ceramic artist was at work in the V&A on a residency program.

This is her work below. 
My feet leaving the V&A for the last time.

Our companions in London, Michael and Jane with Geoff outside the Phene pub.
My dear brother and me.

I promptly went to sleep for most of the afternoon then back to bed at night for the whole night without moving which surprised me. So I am up and ready to go today. 

That's all now, I'm going back to life as usual so it will be boring old everyday stuff so you can de-blog.

Flights to book today for China in September, visa, etc and preparing for an exhibition in September. So there is no hanging about. I did wake up several times on the trip asking myself about China and what the hell induced me to apply. When I saw my name on the program of speakers I completely freaked out and didn't sleep for a few nights. I feel totally out of my depth here especially looking at the names of the other speakers, will they find out I'm a fake and laugh me off the stage? What a nerve I have, yikes!!!!

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