Friday, 5 July 2013


Off to Gotland. Birgitta and Håkan each drove a car loaded with bodies for the 2 1/2 hr drive to this large ferry to Gotland. They have been so wonderful to us with their hospitality, their driving us back and forth, and for all the wonderful meals. All this and a wedding, and a new grandchild all in one week!!!
Here are Kate and Birgitta waiting to drive onto the huge ferry. The crossing took three hours to arrive in Visby.
Time for a nap on the trip.
Edward's first taste of icecream, he must be Swedish as he loved the salted liquorice coated vanilla.
Arriving in Visby. I'd tell you when it was built but our guide book is in Swedish. The only two dates we have found are 1200 and 1360.
All my dreams have come true, we are staying in a little red house. It is next to Birgitta's father's house where the others are staying. This cottage used to be a place where they made beer a "brewhaus". Birgitta and Håkan have renovated it and it is like a doll's house with a kitchen, bathroom and store room downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs believe it or not. The house is about 30 mins drive south of Visby, at Klintehamn the translation being cliff port.
Dinner under the cherry tree.
I'm staying in a Swedish movie set

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  1. Happy Birthday from down under. Everything is so picture perfect over there!! I'm sure the camera is getting a good work out. It sure sounds like you're all having a great time. Hope Michael and Rebecca are enjoying the honeymoon as much as the rest of you are!!! In hindsight I think we should have sacrificed the latest grandchild to be there. (Just jokes!) Edward is morphing more and more into a baby Swede (not the vegetable)- Could he look any more gorgeous and can he yodel? I've promised Madeleine to him in a secret ceremony. So they're officially engaged now. I am feeding her pickled herring so I think Edward will be impressed. Sounds like every day is a celebration over there, but I hope the 6th is something VERY special. We'll lift a glass to you tonight. You're officially on the other side of the hill now you realize. Dotages lurk there so be careful. Sorry I can't do this in a more private way but just wanted to wish you a happy day and let you know about the betrothal. Lots of love AG xx aka anonymous