Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Party's Over.

A sad farewell to Håkan and Birgitta today after the most wonderful couple of weeks. They looked after us all, nothing was too much trouble for them, they made us feel so comfortable and so much at home. They were so generous and hospitable that I even called Sweden home several times before being reminded that I was not at home. They must have driven many kilometres to show us their incredibly beautiful part of the world. We all will be leaving Sweden with such great memories, Håkan even guaranteed the weather 100% sunny, throwing in only the last day with a bit of rain to make us appreciate just how good we had it. We thank them so much for everything.
We drove through a lot of rain on our way to Stockholm from the ferry and went straight to Madde and Petter's place to be introduced to the newest member of the family, Lea Löfgren.
She slept the entire time we were there despite the noise of 12 excited relatives (plus her mum and dad) who were there to meet her.
Edward was very keen to meet his new cousin, he and Viggo made enough noise to wake her but she slept through it all.
This is Madde and Petter's apartment which was really beautiful and far too tidy for parents with a brand new baby.
A quick goodbye to Birgitta and Håkan before Kate, Jonathan, Geoff and I went to our hotel, followed by a half hour of panic when we couldn't find our passports that we had put in a very secure place, so secure in fact that it was entirely forgotten. A large gin and tonic to calm the nerves with Kate and Jonathan before dinner with Rebecca and Michael.
We said goodbye to Kate and Jonathan who are training to Gothenburg at crack of dawn. We are having the day in Stockholm before leaving for Estonia.

I must apologise for all my spelling errors since being in Sweden. I can't retain the spelling of a word for more than a few seconds it seems, you'll have to use your imagination with regards to my Swedish place names.

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