Wednesday, 5 February 2014

No work makes Creina dull!

'Tis the season to be ill in our family. So I have been on call and not doing any work at all, for when I get home I just fiddle about and accomplish nothing. 

Straddie has returned to its sleepy old self with the holiday makers leaving and the crabs coming out to play.
Nice crab ball installation on Home Beach.
Their design brings up a lot of questions. Do they decide to place the furthest ball first and work their way in because I can't see marks where they would have to climb over balls placed closer, so it would have to be planned.

Thank you to the anonymous reader who commented on the Gwyn Hanssen-Piggot post letting me know that Brian Hand was Gywn's preferred photographer, I can't confirm it as I don't know this and I don't  know who the comment came from. I am sure no one would go to the trouble of posting the comment unless they knew the facts. Speaking of anonymous comments, I was lucky that I read the comment as lately I have been inundated with annoying, anonymous, rubbish comments sometimes as many as sixty a day and my response is to send them to trash without even reading them. So I'm sorry if you have sent a comment and inadvertently I have trashed it.

This week I caught up with my potting friend Kim who has moved out of town much to my regret. She now lives in the appropriate sounding name of Pottsville, it should be a pottery village don't you think!!!!
See the gorgeous beaker and little jug she gave me, there is a matching spoon to go with them which is just out of the photo. I miss her so.
Geoff has finished repairing the mirror dinghy he recently acquired and put it in the water yesterday. He sailed it for ten minutes and announced we are ready for our first race on Saturday. It will be interesting as I haven't set foot in a mirror for about 30 years and until yesterday neither had he. But we are ready as we'll ever be, just hope there is no mutiny by the first buoy!

Rain last night. I'll share my coral slice with you.
Looks good enough to eat.
I wonder how long it took to carve this perfect hole in the rock? Did it start with a pebble?
Here's the result of a creative crab, an ephemeral sand jewel.

My research for my next work is well underway and I have decided to test quite a few clays but I am favouring Imperial Porcelain made by Walkers. There was a very good article on it in an old Australian Journal of Ceramics issue 43 #1 2004, by Anne Geroe which I have found very helpful. The Clayshed at Maroochydore sells it at $41.25 for a 10k bag, it is $36.85 at Walkers in Victoria. I looked up pottery supplies and they don't have it listed but if their Southern Ice Porcelain is nearly $10 dearer than Clayshed's price then I expect it would be even more if I ordered it through them. I wonder why they are so much more expensive.
Is it real? I did see it move.