Monday, 1 July 2013


We went to Norrköping 25klms west of Korlmåden today to take Michael and Jane to the train back to Stockholm. We took time to walk through the old industrial areas that were textile mills in the 19C (I think), snuff & flour manufacturing in 18C, paper manufacturing in the 17C. The power was produced by the water from the river.
Yesterday we went to an old grain mill which happens to be on the stream below our house. Håkan showed us through as he belongs to the Lions Club who once a year grind grain to sell as a fund raiser. The water wheel is six metres in diameter and the wheels and cogs that operate the stone are made of wood. It was so beautifully worn and mellow in colouring despite new wood installed by the   Lions Club in their restoration work.

Mill stones the bottom one (on right) is driven by the water driven wheel and the one of the left is turned over onto the bottom wheel to grind the grain.
Wooden wheels inside the building that are all wooden. Snails were collected and use to lubricate the machinery.
Loading door, I just like the mellow wood.
Jonathan and Kate outside the mill.
Fika in Norrköping this morning, Rebecca, Edward and Michael.
Edward not impressed with the textile mills today.
Edward at lunch.
Kate and Jonathan went with Håkan to take his sailing boat back to the summer mooring after using it for the arrival of the bride and groom at the wedding. It was an 8 hour trip by boat and Birgitta had to pick them up which was a 3 hour round trip. They are pretty exhausted tonight. It is 10.30pm here at the moment and it is broad daylight, more of a dull light in reality but still so hard to go to bed at a reasonable hour with the sky so light. We go to bed when its light and wake up when it's light.

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