Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Out of Data. Phooey!

Sorry dear readers but we ran out of data before I sent the last post. We are in Visby today and having lunch in a cafe with free Internet so all of us except Birgitta and Håkan are in a frenzy typing.
The last couple of days have been busy as usual. Monday we went to the island of Fårö right up north, a geologist's delight. Limestone pillars standing in a landscape where the limestone was 400million years old.
We lunched with smoked herring on bread in the shade of an old deserted fishing village with Jennie and Albert and Viggo.
Yesterday we had a quieter day, Birgitta drove us out to the town where she grew up, Buttle before going to a pottery that has been operating since 1899.
They are firing on Thursday and packing now.
12 potters work here plus summer students from university.
Another fishing village that is now an open air museum.
Tiny chapel at the village.
Another Aussie barbecue with lots of guidance.
Håkan and Edward in the hammock.
I don't know when I will get another chance to blog, so cheers for now.

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