Saturday, 27 July 2013

No-mans' Land

Sitting at Heathrow totally exhausted, what's new! Arrived in London yesterday and had dinner with Jane and Michael after a couple of drinks in the old pub we used to frequent when Geoff worked here, then on to dinner. This pub was filled with 12 year old children I'm sure. What is the drinking age here for Pete's sake, I was old enough to be their great-granny. 

Oh yes I did have the quick trip to the V&A as we had some spare time. 

Today we shuffled our belongings between bags and then met up with M&J and went to the Saatchi Gallery at Sloane Square. I wasn't expecting much as I thought it would be all conceptual stuff with little skill as I have found with a lot of artists he collects or gimmicky stuff, but I found some things I really liked. The exhibition was titled "Paper" so you can guess what the basis was. Miller Lagos' work was really interesting, called "fragments of time". Newspapers stacked tightly and carved into tree logs which split into sheets of paper at times. This work said a lot about the contemporary world.

Osiers Miászho's collages of images of Roman Portraits with superimposed portraits of German politician's eyes were disturbing and I found it hard to look away. Some large drawings by Dawn Clements I also enjoyed, and I mean large. A view of an interior that went on and on. But the work that was most fascinating was in the basement and was a pool of sump oil by Richard Wilson. Called 20:50, it is of epic proportion filling the entire basement and looks like a polished floor and mirrors the space above, my mind had trouble accepting it as it was so dense and still.

We finished with lunch at the Phene Pub before starting off for Heathrow. We were going to catch a cab to Paddington Station and then the Heathrow express but the porter at the hotel advised us that the cab directly to Heathrow would be cheaper. So £50 later we were happily deposited at Heathrow.

Both of us are too tired to blink now. We woke up this morning like wet rags, probably knowing we were leaving so finally could let go. It's been the most wonderful trip from start to finish. I hope I have enough energy and desire to post photos when I get home.

See you all soon.

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