Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sweden the Beautiful

Today we went to the Marble museum above the wedding venue with Birgitta, Håkan, Rebecca, Michael and Edward. It was extremely interesting, the first marble was mined in the 17th century as importing from Italy and Greece was too expensive. It is a lovely green colour due to the manganese and perhaps nickel. The volunteer workers show how the marble was cut and polished from the 20th century using electricity. I asked how it was originally powered and it was by horse or cattle harnessed to a machine.
This machine cuts the edges to a desired profile, note the grinding stone at the back, and the slab is rolled around on the ball bearings.
This is the lathe cutting a mortar, there is lots of dust but it doesn't contain silica so it isn't dangerous like using clay.
A collection of the various marble and periods and styles.
This is now a pool where the marble was extracted. It is now 200 metres deep and filled with rain water
Times for Fika above the mine workshop.
Some old and unfinished mortars
The bride and groom above the place where the ceremony was held, it was part of the mine.
We went walking through the bush which is so green and full of wild flowers. We saw wild strawberries, wild cherry trees and the wild flowers are spectacular. As for the red houses dotted about the landscape, I am in heaven, I cannot walk past one without taking a photo. I will devote a blog entry completely to red houses soon.

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