Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sailing in the Archipelago

Håkan and Rebecca took us sailing yesterday. What a perfect day! The summer sun was out all day with no clouds that I recall. Edward's second sail, the first last Friday at his parent's wedding when they all arrived by Håkan's boat.
Getting ready to go out for the day.
Håkan celebrating with a cigar the birth of his third grandchild, Lea, born yesterday as we were setting off sailing. What a week for them.
Captain and first mate.
Sailed out to an island near the Baltic Sea called Hanstena. Many red houses to photograph. Originally it was a fishing village and there was a tiny museum with artefacts from the days when they hunted seals.
As you can see here the houses are built directly onto the granite rocks, they use rocks as stumps in many cases is the ground is not flat.
Geoff is thrilled with the geology so I had to take many photos. This could be paradise for us. Red houses, rocks and sailing.
Lunch of boiled potatoes, meatballs, lingonberries and hard bread at Hanstena.
Stopped at a small island for afternoon tea. There is a lot of eating done everyday.
It is unusual to see many other boats as there are so many islands.
The Moore family with Edward trying out his newly acquired smile.
Kate and Jonathan looking pretty happy about a day on the water.
Today was a recovery day, Geoff and I went down to the inlet in the morning for coffee but ended up having lunch in the old railway station, now a restaurant. We had typical Swedish food of Herring and mashed potatoes floating in butter with lingonberries. It was wonderful.
In the afternoon we went to the Löfgren's for Aussie scones and jam and cream made by Kate, played a Swedish game, Cug (?) on the lawn before yet another delicious dinner by Birgitta and Rebecca.
Peonies grow everywhere. Have you ever seen such a beautiful flower, it's bigger than your hand.

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  1. Enjoying the blog. Great reportage and wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing it. Happy birthday for Saturday. Look forward to seeing you on 22nd - unless you decide to buy a red house on a rock and stay in Sweden, Sx