Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Farewell Klintehamn, Gotland.

 SWe really have had the most wonderful time in Gotland with our large family from the five month old Viggo to his great grandfather of 87. If it wasn't raining this morning we would have thought that it never rains here in Klintehamn. We have had blue skies all the time and some days have been quite hot in the sun, in the shade is a different matter.
Jennie and Viggo.
Today we are packing up and taking the ferry back to the mainland and all going back to Stockholm. 
We have packed and left now and on the ferry at Visby with the other 700 cars, the ferry is only half full.
Here are some random images from Gotland seeing I couldn't blog over a few days.
Fishing village, we particularly like the fences they used to build.
Geoff inspecting a fishing boat in the open air museum, they must have been short people.
There are many windmills dotted about the island in various states of disrepair.
A sheep hut where the sheep are kept warm at night and I think from predators.
A derelict lime kiln. The island is made of limestone.
Roses grow prolifically everywhere, all colours and varieties, many growing wild. There is also wild thyme growing everywhere as well. Here's a rose looking at a rose!!!!!
Picnic of smoked herring, cheese, tomatoes and bread. No fuss, perfect.
Many of the streets of Visby looked like this, some filled with roses like the one below
Red house with old dry stone wall. They are surprisingly large as there is an attic.
We come across amusing items now and again. This one was a particular favourite. We didn't eat any "picnic bog" at all but refer to it often.
We actually ate "Mumsbit" for dessert last night with much hilarity along with smoked salmon which was absolutely delicious. It had been smoked whole and I bought a side of the fish for about $50. This fed eleven of us. It is called Rökt Fisk. We are just coming to terms with the language and beginning to be able to decipher menus, but pronunciation is a struggle although Kate seems to have a grasp.

Tonight we are staying in Stockholm. We are going to visit baby Lea along with Madde and Petter. Håkan and Birgitta  return to their home, Kate and Jonathan leave for Norway at crack of dawn. Michael and Rebecca are catching up with friends, two of whom have had babies in the last week. There are babies everywhere. Then tomorrow evening Geoff and I are catching an overnight ferry across the Baltic for Tallinn in Estonia for a few days before going to Riga in Latvia. Hopefully I will be able to blog again soon.

Thanks for your email Terry, sorry it was raining all the time at Straddie. I can't seem to be able to email easily, luckily the blog works so please send messages via email or blog. I can be SMS'd on my Aussie phone on 0409584450. Susan please email me your mobile number so that I can SMS you when we are getting to England.

Bye for now, lots of love to you all.

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