Monday, 28 October 2013

Rain glorious rain

Here comes the rain! I think the most of the forecast storm won't be coming here but any drop is welcome.
Sad news all over the place, Marea Gazzard died yesterday, what a woman. Such an inspiration for me when I was young. I felt her work was ahead of its time, it was such a contrast to the traditional brown pots into a new world of design. She was greatly influenced by Cycladic Art and when I went to Athens I spent two days in the Cycladic Museum where she had also gone and I could see how it had influenced her work. She was such a role model for ceramicists, potters and particularly women in Australia.
Looking at the TACA Facebook page I read that Sandy Lockwood was burnt out with the dreadful fires in the Southern Highlands recently. The images break your heart. 
The coffee mug I bought from Sandy at  Gulgong, and it's little espresso mate below.
My best wishes go to her for a speedy recovery from such a heart breaking event.
I'm back on the island and making work thank goodness.
Six bowls today for my Brown Lake series. Not before I had a delicious breakfast in my Kim Aitken bowl, my favourite for breakfast, don't you just love summer fruit, the taste, and the look in a special bowl.
Kim also kindly gave me three of her teeny-tiny bottles which cheer me up whenever I look at them. Thanks Kim.

Dear Straddie, everything is beautiful. Even next year's catch seen below at the jetty.

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