Monday, 7 October 2013

Emerging Artist Winners

Here are some of the emerging artist winners. The first prize is this beautiful slice of clay.
2nd Prize below. I spoke to the maker and remarked how difficult it must have been to get it to Fuping. She agreed and said it was very expensive and indeed difficult with it being so fragile.
This work above was my favourite, it evoked a feeling of history for me, this could have been due to the shape or the marked surface. I loved how the light came through the holes and the suggestion of use with the handle. It possessed such strength yet was very delicate and fragile.

This work above looked like unfolding flowers, I don't know how it arrived without being damaged.

There were many more beautiful works and of course some I wondered about. It was great to see all the artists work from all the conferences housed in the one glorious building under natural light.

The centre of the building with my reflection in the water.

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