Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Memorial GOMA

Yesterday there was a memorial for Gwyn Hanssen Pigott at GOMA which was most welcome as Gwyn spent a large part of her life in Queensland. The new gallery director Chris Saines welcomed her friends and family, her sisters attended.

A very gentle memorial and everyone had a chance to chat over afternoon tea on a very windy balcony at the Art Gallery. The gallery had purchased a work from her final exhibition held in the London West End gallery Erskine, Hall & Coe. She died shortly after the opening.
The newest acquisition, making ten works by Gywn that the gallery has.
Chris Saines 
Phillip Bacon her agent speaking candidly about his relationship with Gwyn.
Gwyn's sister Kate .
An insert in the folder.
Guests Stephanie Outridge-Field and Ray Cavill who assisted Gwyn with her firings.
Dianne Peach and Linda Back friends and fellow potters.
Gwynn's photographer John Downs (I think that's his name, sorry if not) and Ray Cavill.

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  1. Gwyn's preferred photographer's name is Brian Hand - an artist in his own right.