Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Half a mojo is better than none

End of the day.
Today I started looking up university courses thinking my mojo might be there but no luck. So I got stuck into the shed and threw some bowls and mugs, ahh that feels better.
I had planned to make a series of work with the rock pools on Deadmans Beach in mind, so went to Pottery Supplies yesterday to buy some Feeneys BSW or whatever its called, as I had made some bowls and mugs and needed more clay. Of course they didn't carry that clay. I looked at their list of Feeneys clay and many were discontinued and those that weren't had to be ordered and delivery was weeks. For Pete's sake the clay comes from Ipswich, or used to, what's so hard about delivery from there?!! That's what you get with a monopoly. What's happened to the cost of bloody mud? I bought three blocks of clay and it cost a fortune. I will have to start sourcing my own clay I think. I know there is some here in Dunwich so will have to chase up that lead. Otherwise I will have to go up to the Clayshed on the Sunshine Coast where they have a wider range of clays and are much more helpful and eager to please and it's cheaper. Bit of a hike tho'.

Oops just remembered that I forgot to put slip inside the bowls and mugs so had better get back to the shed.
Thank goodness I remembered to slip while leather hard or I'd be even grouchier than I am already.
Geoff brought me this little bird bowl from under the weeping fig tree.

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