Saturday, 19 October 2013

Shed Time

Back in the shed pottering along making weird things, still looking for my mojo but WAIT!
Is that my mojo in the back of the cupboard?
Might be part of it, I'll try it out and see.
Started to make some weird planter pots today for the herb seeds I've made. I had made a mould of a banana flower petal ages ago and decided to use it as a pot plant base, adding conical legs.
Hmm not sure if I like them but I plan to throw and alter more pots from terracotta.
Nasty winds are blowing today and sadly found a willy-wag-tail nest blown out of a poinciana. Fortunately there were no eggs in the vicinity only a couple of angry willy-wag-tails darting about the tree looking for their nest.
So beautifully crafted and a perfect circle.
We also ate one of our paw paws for breakfast. The possums ate the big one, kindly leaving the tiny one for us. It was delicious. Here it's on one of my first year breakfast set plates.
Fiddled around making bowls all nice and round with even, round lips when I suddenly realised why I wasn't pleased with them. If I was making bowls to go with the large irregular bowls I had made for the exhibition this ware had to be irregular and organic looking as well.

I distorted the lip and the foot the bowl of 500g of Walkers Superior white porcelain then with 400g made a cup to match. 1kg was used for a plate but I think I will use more clay as it doesn't leave much  room for error. I need to adjust the handle I pulled on the cup, it is a bit bulky, need to refine it.
That was a bit of my mojo in the back of the cupboard after all. Tomorrow I will look again for the rest of the missing mojo.

Sad time for all the people caught up in the fires in NSW.

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