Friday, 4 October 2013

Terracotta Warriors

 Discarded Grain grinding stones at Fuping village
Day two in Fuping. Awoke in the "swamp" early, Rowena and I have discovered that we will make a fortune importing S-bend traps into China. A morning of presentations by the Turkish contingent followed by four diverse and interesting presentations. David Cushway spoke of his film about how people respond to articles that are in museums. Bernd's account was on kilns and his innovative kiln construction.
After lunch some of us piled into a far too small bus and set off on a windy route to the Terracotta Warriors while the remainder chose to go to a ceramic opening in a different direction. It was a stingingly hot day, the thermometer in the bus hovered on 36°c for most of the way. When we returned to the bus after the visit it read 40°.

Ah the Warriors at long last. It was crowded and sticky, we all went our own way visiting the three vast pits. Eric our lovely minder, gave us only a short time to view them all so we were off as fast as we could go.
The T/W group outside Pit One building, it was hot, hot, hot.
I found it like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. You knew it was vast but it still took your breath away. It was hard to comprehend that this huge army was made by man and that only a small percentage is yet to be uncovered.
I did love the horses particularly.
Back to the village to another banquet. We sure do eat well.

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