Sunday, 20 October 2013

Last word on China

My wonderful time in China is fading into a dream, it had an incredible impact on me; the country; the people of China; the generosity of the ICMEA; the people at the conference who had a passion for clay and who were so welcoming. I still have so many stories to tell of the tour but the time has passed to do it justice so I will post photos and hope they remind me of the marvellous time.
Love this sign, just wait til they realise I ain't no specialist.
The smog, the smog.
A handy gadget found in my hotel room.
Showrooms with celadon
Copper reds
Ready for export
Mini terracotta warriors
Shards, shards and more shards
Pots too big to fit inside
Modern ceramics
Master kiln builder.
Master potters
Ancient kilns in Cizhou
Horse puddler, or maybe man puddler if no animal available

Grand museums
Europeans showing the Chinese how to throw pots
Pottery factories
Mould makers
Glaze dipping
New cities shooting up overnight
Scaffolding for the new cities
Museum pieces
Ancient test tiles
Just love these jugs, my favourites
Musical with stage a at least a hundred metres wide.
All sorts of visual effects
Wherever we went was the paparazzi.
Dr I chi Hsu who organises the ICMEA a hero to me.

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