Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ceramic-less post, family matters.

Peace has descended, I am back on the island alone and can hear only the ticking of the clock and the  buzz of a mosquito around my head. A couple of sulphur crested cockatoos have been wheeling and screeching overhead. I haven't seen them here before. A large flock of pink and grey galahs rose in the air when I walked up from the ferry which always gladdens my heart. The sun is just setting through the jacarandas tree above.
My path to the shed is a luminous carpet of green and mauve. I am the most fortunate person.

It has been a busy few days, I've looked after Edward for two full days which is always delightful but is tiring. What a wonderfully happy child. Geoff left for Melbourne and his niece's wedding yesterday, unfortunately I couldn't go but it was beautiful he said. Today I dropped daughter Kate at the airport on her way to LA  as news of a shooting in LAX came through on the news when I woke. Just the sort of thing a mother likes to hear. Her friends had arrived there only an hour or two before the shooting but were out of the airport. Who knows what the delays will be when she arrives but she is catching a bus to San Diego so hopefully it won't be too difficult.

Took Leo to circus training and held my breath while he was on the trapeze practicing a difficult manoeuvre diving into space off the bar. Then over to the other side of town to see Chris play basketball. He has improved so much since I saw him last. Defence is his specialty I can see and he shot a few goals as well. Went home to see everyone before dropping in on Michael and Edward in their new house before heading to the island.

A storm bird has started calling, I wish it really did rain when it was heard. My neighbour has told me the curlews we have been observing are nesting in the park. We look forward to some chicks again soon. They haven't been shrieking at night since nesting although I can hear some now but in the distance. A boobook owl calls from the huge camphor laurel tree across the road each night, I love it's haunting call in the dead of night and I feel so secure when I hear it out there.

Tomorrow is another early start. Lots of handles to attach to mugs, lots of ware to throw, planning for the under glaze decoration, pots for all the herbs I've planted. I need more hands and another forty years.

Only the sounds of the whirring crickets...........ahhhh!

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