Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In the News

A good week for Ceramics. Two popular magazines have featured Queensland Ceramicists. Wow! Congratulations to Shannon Garson from Maleny and Kylie Johnson from Brisbane.
I always look in Country Style as they often feature ceramic artists so was delighted to find Shannon and Sonia told me of Kylie, both of whom I know. I'm tickled pink for them.

Today I had the most pleasant surprise. Recently I had complained about the cost and difficulty of delivery of Feeney clay. So I was so delighted to have a very kind reader send me information on buying clay directly from Feeneys in Ipswich at a substantial saving from Pottery Supply. I didn't know that people other than family and the odd friend read my blog so I am thrilled to have someone interested and to be so kind. Thank you so much.

I've been throwing large bowls of a non throwing clay, a Feeny's terracotta (I didn't know it was non throwing until I bought it but that didn't deter me). After four large bowls I ripped a hole in my little finger due to the grog, in the clay, not in me. So today I've been casting rather than throwing. Due to the large size of the kiln I need lots of pieces so I'll have to repair my finger in order to throw large pieces to fill the kiln. I'm crazy, why am I making with T/C as it can only be fired by itself at low temps and my better selling work is not being made?

Insert here a Buddhist saying to keep myself on the straight and narrow! 

I made an earthen ware slip yesterday, it is so hard to cover the dark T/C. I will have to tidy up the top edge.
The white area I will sgraffito with images of local birds that are busily sucking honey out of jacaranda flowers.

Jennie is keeping some of the remaining work from the Drift Exhibition and I will pick up the other bits tomorrow. She wants more work so I had better get on with the work I'm planning just for her gallery. I want to try out some new work and see how it sells and keep the market work separate.

At the moment I'm watching some nesting Bush Stone Curlews for a fellow who is doing his Phd on these beautiful birds, he asked for help on the Birds in Backyards newsletter and it is very interesting to take part. I'm learning so much from him. My neighbour has been following the birds near us for years now and between us (she has the info and I have the email), we are watching and recording.

Aren't they too beautiful!!!

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