Monday, 25 November 2013

No shed time

This is the wonderful reason I'm not in my shed. Do you blame me?
Next week I'm locking myself in the shed as I'm not needed for babysitting as much. Of course a cricket match got in the way a little as well.
The latest Journal of Australian arrived in my inbox today and it looks a pretty good edition focusing on ecology and ceramics. I haven't collected my hard copy from the post yet.  I've been reliving China again as there is an article on the ICMEA Conference with photos. It was a wonderful experience and I urge any emerging artist to take the opportunity to send an entry in three years or submit a paper, do it, I had the most wonderful time seeing amazing sights and ceramics as well as meeting the most interesting people.

The shelves are slowly filling up in the shed. I am becoming frustrated that I just don't get enough done  but next year I will have to knuckle down with a few things planned already, but there are some items heading for the kiln.
Cups thrown.
Handles pulled.
And attached
Moulds drained.
Mould of bowl waiting to be released.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be showing some art students from Melbourne via Skype what I do. They  have been following my blog thanks to my cousin (once removed) Simon Moore, their art teacher. We had a false start last week but tomorrow with the help from my iPad I'll be able to show them how much fun it is to work with clay

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