Friday, 30 August 2013

Kiln sitter.

Beautiful evenings at this time of year.

Waiting to reach temperature, it is currently 1136°C. Filled the kiln on Monday afternoon with the work for the exhibition in September and bisque fired. Quick turn around as the kiln was "sort of" cool enough, I live dangerously! Unloaded yesterday morning and coloured and glazed all the work, phew, took all blooming day and I still had a couple of pieces to put in this morning. So I'm nearly finished the glaze firing. I'm a little concerned I rushed it all yesterday and it won't be finished well but well have to see.

The large distorted bowls I airbrushed with several layers of different coloured underglaze as I wanted them to have a translucent appearance but who know if that will work but worth a try. They are the main work for the exhibition. Again I have experimented with the other crab plates and am a bit nervous, will I ever learn to experiment first!!
Bowls with underglaze.

These are the colours that are the inspiration for the bowls.

I have been working on my paper for the China conference today, shuffling paper and images. I sent an email and a request form to the fellow at the Museum of Australian Pottery, Geoff Ford, whom I contacted before I went to Sweden about using images of pots from the pottery I am talking about. No reply! Panic! Looked up his website and he is away until September so I hope he reads his emails as soon as he gets back, yikes!

This afternoon when the paper became tedious I drew a leaf from the garden and am going to make a Lino cut I think. Such a pretty leaf with lots of cutting involved.
The leaf veins.
Pressed into a slab with a gentle celadon would make a pretty plate.

Must pay attention to the kiln and cones now, the old girl is roaring away and is about 1200°, so should keep my eye on the spy hole for the cones to start bending. It's hot in here.


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