Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Kiln Goddesses Shone

Phew! What a relief, the kiln goddess was looking out for me. I opened the kiln yesterday afternoon after a lot of procrastination. There was a lot riding on this opening, my only chance for the exhibition in September. I was so relieved, no disasters and I am even pleased with the exhibition centre pieces, the pool bowls.
I raced down to the nearest beach and shot these images in the fading light.

I took this shot above this morning.

Next the crab plates

Broken coral plates

Blue swimmer crab plates

I tidied up a few rough edges last night and this morning was at the beach again for more shots. Last night Geoff drove me to the beach and at one stage when I was walking back to change the camera battery while leaving the pots on the sand. Geoff rather casually said as I got near "Your pots are floating away". I turned around to see them sailing away on a wave, at least they don't have holes.

Sunday we celebrated Fathers' Day and Chris's birthday. Here are two gorgeous boys, Chris adores his little cousin but Edward is concentrating on a strawberry.


  1. Those look great, nice job. Shame to sell them separately. I'm thinking mini market versions... with dolphins...

  2. Really gorgeous new collection; so beautiful I had to buy one of the pool bowls and a coral plate. The blue is sensational.

  3. Thank you Anonymous. So pleased you like the work and thank you for leaving such an encouraging message. Creina