Saturday, 21 September 2013

French Pavillion Fuping Pottery Village

Home again. So nice to catch up with old friends (above) on the road to Main Beach. 
The entrance to the French Pavillion at Fuping Pottery. The tiles made at the pottery were used for the exterior of the building and the architecture was beautiful, very angular. The interior was stark white originally but is looking a little worn now. My favourite works were by Jean Nicolas Gerard using the Tang Dynasty tri-colours in a very free way.
Copper green, brown and yellow.
Fuping clay was used as well, it is the clay used in the making of bricks and is a dark brown, red colour.
This pot above I think is by the same artist.
I won't tell you what my daughter thinks of this work so I had to think why I liked them so much. They are confident, vigorous, full of energy. The use of the traditional tri-colours are used in a way that is fresh and suits the form. I also enjoy looking at them as they bring so much pleasure.
Below are shards embedded in the coarse clay, artist unknown.

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