Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day in Clay

Dawn to dusk in the shed, well not quite it only felt like it according to my back. Finished the plates, made a large bowl, in fact several but wasn't happy with the final shapes and recycled them. I'm a bit out of practice and throwing 5 kilos gets harder the older I get.o
Finished Lino cut, my "new faithful", it worked well.
Pressing in the Lino. You have to judge the softness of the clay carefully as it is easy to make a mess.
Worked okay.
Turning plates, always an enjoyable job. I do love making plates.

The exhibition is about the shoreline so I made some flowing bowls. First I threw a large cylinder without a bottom, let it become hard enough to handle and manipulated it as I placed it onto a slab.
Above is the cylinder and below manipulated and placed on slab. 
I made a couple of them along with half a dozen flat plates which I also hope have a flowing quality.
They aren't finished yet, I need to round off the ends and I can't decide where or not to put small feet on them. As I am firing them to high temperature as it is porcelain clay then I risk warping if I elevate them with feet so it might be best to leave them flat.

I would like to glaze everything with a celadon but need to vary the finish for the exhibition, so I am still considering what I will do.

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