Thursday, 16 January 2014

Mojo Moment

Hooray! I am having a mojo moment after considerable time of feeling uninspired. Since the start of the year decided to stop pressuring myself to get things done in the shed. So have been digging in the garden, reading, paperwork, cooking, photographing, sleeping, swimming, it's been soooo relaxing, and now the mojo juices are beginning to flow again.

The landscape is the inspiration as usual, how could I help it living here? So I've been taking lots of photos of the fire aftermath, the tide line and even getting down to drawings towards the exhibition late in the year with Susan.
Here is my desk with drawing book, leaves, gum nuts, cup of tea and a home made sticky date and ginger biscuit, I'm all set for an enjoyable afternoon.
Home Beach this morning when we went for a swim.
Beautiful liminal space.
Followed by coffee from the van at Cylinder Beach
Bracken shooting up trough the blackened earth within a week and little to no rain.
Xanthorea don't even stop growing.
Beautiful contrast of dried leaves falling from the burnt trees to the black earth
Approaching high tide.
Sand lines, froth clouds and shadows coming in on the tide.

Here is an exhibition I wish I could attend.
Another one by Tim Rowan who was at Fuping when I was there, even further away.

Back to the drawing board.

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