Saturday, 4 January 2014

Drum Roll Please

After weeks/months of seeing very little produced in the shed, unpacking the bisque kiln this morning was exhilarating with tables full of ware, yippee! I'm back in business at last.

I'd even forgotten about the hand painted plates for Drift Gallery.
All the designs need more development but you have to start somewhere and I can see the next step. I tend to be too literal probably because I can draw. I have to make the work a little more sophisticated I believe.
 The Brown Lake series is getting there more than the plates.
The water bowls even more to my liking. I know the literal work will appeal more to the buyer.
The cups work but I forgot to make the lips of the bowls irregular to match.
Even the pigeons are breeding. They have to be finished by the end of the month.

After a restless night with evacuations at Myora things are calmer, although the wind isn't. We are off to another community meeting now, I can't praise the service agency enough. Road closed to the Point and Geoff couldn't get the museum ware to the markets today.

Feeling pleased to be back in the shed again. Comments on the work welcome, you can do it anonymously if you're not a blogger. A bit tricky but please persist I welcome your input.


  1. I like the first whale one with the water swirls, actually all the water swirls ones are really nice. looking forward to seeing them finished, although firing may be (should be) off for a little while??!

    1. Thanks Kate. Glorious rain today, firing soon!