Saturday, 4 January 2014

Alert but not Alarmed

We are safe but being in paradise isn't pleasant. Very smokey now with ash falling but no one is under threat of evacuation at this point as fires burn near Dunwich after a lightening strike on Sunday. Power has been cut again for 6 hours after a 35° day. The Qld Fire and Rescue, Qld Police, Redland City Council, Energex have been fantastic with community meetings and procedures to keep us safe.
At least we raked the yard of leaves and cleaned out the gutters.
Huge generators behind the helicopters two of which have been keeping us switched on until fire destroyed more lines.
Back burning yesterday.
Another meeting today. They have been fantastic.
Qld Fire and Rescue photo, 18 mile swamp near the causeway.
QFAR photo
Dunwich on the left, containment line in black, below the line has been burned or is threatened. There were 30 fire fighting crews out there last night.
Fires still burning this afternoon.
Wind change around 5.30 pm today
Thick smoke across the bay.
Wonderful visual effects.
Minutes later 
The smoke is very thick now and every time I go outside I'm covered with ash. It's been a weird few days, it makes one realise how vulnerable one is when it comes to natural events.

To end on a lighter note, Geoff and I went for an early morning swim at Cylinder beach this morning. You'd never know there was a fire so close by.

Ahh Paradise Found again.

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