Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Ceramic World in Gulgong

Another fabulous day. Raced up to see how Marianne Hallberg from Sweden put hollow handles on her jugs. They are very comfortable to hold and she made them so easily. It was an interesting morning talking with her and a Thai woman who does similar blue and white ware.

Dianne Fayt was the morning lecture, she has an interesting technique but I find her work too literal for me. Marianne's talk was in the afternoon and I particularly am drawn to the way she observes things and interprets her emotions by illustrating simple everyday objects with a tin glaze for a white surface and cobalt oxide. Very Swedish.

Ane-Katrine von B├╝low gave her talk this evening. What a difficult process is involved using screen printing black and white images. Quite amazing graphic images and very complicated printing using the computer and photoshop.

We finished close to 9.30pm with a film about Fuping in China involving Irish potters working in the factory using the facilities for five weeks to develop a body of work for an exhibition at the end. A few years ago I was accepted in the emerging artist competition with a work titled "Silent Song" and should have attended the conference in Fuping but was too ill at the time, what a shame as it would have been an incredible experience.

1 Log fence Gulgong
2 Marianne Halberg's hollow handle
3 National Art School Exhibition. Lecturer Sandy Lockwood wood fired platter
4 Sandy Lockward plates
5 NAS Exhibition Tania Rolland
6 Ceramic Study Group Collection* Gwynn Hansen-Pigott teapot
7 *Paul Davis jugs
8 *Janet Mansfield vase
9 Wood fired work from exhibition (sorry name escapes me)
10 Exhibit (ditto)
11 Gulgong building

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