Friday, 10 May 2013

Home Sweet Home

Back to work after a fantastic week in Gulgong. It really is a special place and a town bursting with potters isn't half bad. But neither is this place......ahhh!
A walk along Main Beach in the evening was difficult as it was covered with Pumice from a long ago volcano that had washed ashore. There were some huge pieces the size I've never seen before, Geoff is still deciding why these pieces are so large. Saw a big old kangaroo and a small red wallaby on the way home but they hopped away too fast for a photo.
I'm making some hand built mugs for market. My bright idea was that it would save my back from wheel throwing but not so far. I will persist.
I spent ages cutting out the cone shape so that the mug didn't look wonky, although I like a bit of wonk as they are handmade after all.
My shapes getting leather hard. I really like the colours in this photo as it makes my eyes unable to settle.
I am using a new clay for me, MFQ from Clayworks, it is mid fire. I am short of time so after great consultation with my Gulgong mate and mid fire queen, Kim, I will once fire this to 1250°C. You know, carbon footprint etc, as well as saving money on firing. Kim is coaching me in the art of raw glazing so I hope it works as I have a large kiln and it is a lot to lose. I raw glaze in the wood kiln but this is scary.
Point Lookout this evening. I love winter when it's cold and windy and no tourists.
The sunsets are painterly at this time of year.

PS. App upgrade, now I can insert the photos wherever I like, so much better.

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