Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Playing Hooky

Thought I would come home for an early night tonight after waking up with a fright in an afternoon presentation, I was even dreaming, luckily I didn't shout out.

Great day with an early morning exhibition opening of "Soft Edges, Rough Surfaces" by the Brisbane gang. I'm not part of it this year as I haven't any wood fired work ready. It looked fantastic in an old shop right next to the Opera House so lots of visitors and they've made lots of sales.

1 Opening speech by exhibitor Rowley Drysdale's with exhibitor Isaac Patmore in hat
2 Andrew Bryant's work at front looking into gallery
3 Exhibitors Isaac Patmore and Grant Hodges
4 Exhibitor and good wood firing friend Ray Cavill with work
5 Exhibitor and exhibitionist Kari and fellow exhibitionist Judy Boydell
6 Exhibitor Ray and groupies
7 Ted Secombe's work
8 Exhibitor Stephen Roberts reading poem
9 Ray Cavill and Andrew Bryant's work
10 Rowley Drysdale and Cameron Hess' work
11 Ray Cavill, Stephen Robert and Kari's work
12 Isaac Patmore's work
13 The perfect Studio

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