Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm packing heat!

A long day in the shed. Time is running out for making the wedding plates to take to Sweden, so a concerted effort is needed. I have 3 moulds and 60+ plates to make. Yikes!
 Who needs a slab roller when I have a mini version consisting of a board, calico, bamboo skewers and a rolling pin.
The bamboo skewers are taped to the calico board at a slightly narrower width than the rolling pin. The skewers are exactly the correct thickness for my plates, although I run off the rails sometimes and the thickness varies which suits me as after all they are hand made.
On the bottom side of the slab I press the stamp I had made with the Bride and Groom's initials and the wedding date. I had bought an alphabet stamp set but it was difficult to use so I had the stamp made from the wedding invitation text. The stamp was ordered on line with the graphics designed by the famous designer, cake maker, and IT queen Kate, and was delivered in two days, wow!
I press the slab into the mould leaving room for shrinkage and press the Lino cut I had made of the row of strawberries.
The grass seed heads I collected  from my walks I then pressed into the clay in line with the strawberries to make the "smultron" which is a Swedish summer tradition. Wild strawberries are picked and threaded onto grass stalks. 
Now for my secret weapon. I bought it yesterday on my way to the island. Yes I'm packing heat! It's a heat gun and it is wonderful, how did I ever live without it when making multiple moulds? Worth it's weight in gold!! And only $49.
It is magic! I would have made about 3 sets of casts per day previously, so today with my 3 moulds, I would have made 9 plates if I was lucky and if it was a warm day with the sun shining. Now with the heat gun I made.....tadaaa..... 21 plates!!!
All trimmed, sanded and drying. I think I could make even more in a day so could have the 60+ plates done in three days. Of course there are two firings and glazing yet to go.
I knew when I saw this rainbow the other morning from the shed that there would be a pot of gold nearby and it turned out to be a heat gun.

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  1. They look great mum! The stamps looks awesome! I can't believe how many your churned out in one day. All this worry for nothing...