Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tezza's Wildlife Tour

Tasmania has lots of interesting wildlife
From seagulls
To shells
Even domesticated animals were wild looking
Shells everywhere
Tracks on the beaches. From kangaroos to....
The locals catch crayfish daily.... What a life!!!
One walk alone we found three tiger snakes in our path
At Pub in the Paddock were families of nesting birds.
The grand looking Pacific Gull didn't look so grand when harassed by its young 
The poor parent was constantly stalked by its larger baby
Shells, shells, shells
Well trained gulls ready for any emergency
Always on the lookout for the odd chip
Paddy melon wallaby
Look what was in its pouch
Wombats everywhere. One evening I counted 26. Heavenly
A few babies were about
Wombat bottoms
They weren't too afraid of people
Tasmanian hen
Lovely jelly like Warratah anenomie waiting for the tied to come in so they can open up their vivid tentacles to the water.
A necklace of shells
These shells were prolific
Cape Barren Geese introduced to Maria Island in the '70's.
Shy Black Swans, they were also prolific.

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