Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pottery for last

The kiln has been fired, the work is glazed and now on sale in Drift Gallery, at long last. I was pleased with the bowls with the water image and the cups to go with them. The plates everyone approves of with generous comments but I feel I am too literal with my images and need to be more subtle. I know I made them for Drift who wanted a Straddie theme but for my own sake I need to work on the images.
The plates are a good size and didn't warp so that was pleasing.

Jennie from Drift was pleased to have them all and is setting up the gallery with new stock for Easter, so hopefully there will be a few sales.

The other series, "Brown Lake", I have decided to keep for the markets as I had completed only one plate and want equal numbers to go with the bowls and cups.
Brown Lake series. Below the inspiration and the result.
Lovely hot weekend here and it is March, it should be cooling off. We have had family here which is always a treat. I have been busy adoring Edward as usual, such a feisty little fellow with a mind of his own but with enough charm to get away with everything, especially with his Nina.
Is this black sand valuable? Maybe Nina can use it in a glaze.
Sand miner and his Mama.
Ready for a ride in Geoff's boat, whether its on the water or on the trailer on dry land, who cares?

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