Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Madness and Migraines

Mad week with nothing accomplished in the ceramic department, but a holiday customer did chase me up from her holiday last year where she bought my work at the market. She couldn't find me this year so asked around and came to the shed where she bought more work as she liked it so much. Thank you dear customer for such encouragement.


Heliconia blooming in the garden.

Last jacaranda blossom of 2013.

The Old Girl turns 100
The old Benevolent Institution's dining hall for men turned 100 this week with a celebration, preschool children sang an aboriginal song of welcome, a highlight.

Looking spic and span with a facelift for her 100th birthday.

End of an Era

Chris and Leo's last day at Ascot State School, my children went there first in 1980.

Music Teacher Without Compare.

Our family was so fortunate to have Margaret Howard for two generations as their music teacher, a rare and beautiful breed. The instruments that passed through our family were, flute, euphonium, baritone, trombone and clarinet. Second generation; euphonium, baritone and trombone. Junior band, intermediate band and senior band as well as music camp were attended, what a wonderful education. Thank you Margaret.

I have to post something ceramic. I saw this young Australian artist Juz Kidson's work recently and it has stayed hauntingly in my mind.

There is quite a bit of information about her out there if you want to follow up.

Speaking of madness, here is a photo that I love. Every time I look at it I laugh out loud. Thank goodness there are mad people in the world!!!!

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