Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mugs on legs

After the success of the footed porcelain mugs with under glaze decoration I have been making more. This time I am making them out of a darker, course clay and fire them in reduction in my gas kiln. I would prefer to fire them in my wood kiln but I need to have some sooner than I'm firing the anagama kiln. These mugs are HUGE as this clay shrinks enormously but even with shrinkage they will still make a big cup of tea to wallow in.

Today I used my new, pretty cup, made by my friend Kim Aitken for my morning coffee. See below. The National Library in Canberra has asked for her work to put in their shop, which is wonderful. Her work is beautiful and cheerful just like her and I am thrilled for her success. Her Facebook page is Kim Aitken Ceramics and well worth a look.

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