Sunday, 7 April 2013

A busy weekend

Time is flying by, so much I want to do but too little time. Straddie markets again yesterday and thankfully I am not as anxious as I was in December when I began my marketing career. Apart from the abysmal market on the Easter Saturday I cannot complain. All the other markets have surpassed my expectations. Customers are returning to buy more work and I find this so thrilling. Thank you if you are a customer reading this.

A very nice fellow who goes diving off Straddie and bought a carved shark beaker last year, returned and has left me a long list of sea creatures he sees diving. He is so enthusiastic that I want to make him beakers illustrating each creature and give them to him. Not good for business but I feel like that whenever anyone really likes my work.

After yesterday's market I went to see the "Straddie Turtle Lady" to report my green turtle find. She runs a great little shop of paintings, ceramics and other interesting things she sources from Straddie and elsewhere. After my husband, Geoff, and I had seen Jennie and gave her the location of the turtle and scratched the surface of her vast knowledge about turtles, we offered to be turtle finders for the nesting season from October to December. It will mean getting up at whenever low tide occurs which may be the middle of the night to go to the causeway where we found the turtle and monitor the beach in that area. We will be saving Jennie having to do the whole beach by herself. I am very excited about this although I may not be so enthusiastic after doing it for a few nights in a row.

Jennie has requests for local artist's work from tourists and I have been remiss not seeing her earlier. I wanted to make a range exclusively for her shop but haven't had time, but as I still had work in the car from the market I selected a few pieces and she bought them on the spot. I have also had people seeking me out in my shed for work so I am getting busier and busier. I am getting low on stock so will have to put my head down.

We also went to a wonderful shore bird lecture all day Saturday put on by Wetland Care and Birds Australia. Dan, the lecturer, filled our heads with tons of information before going out onto the shore with our binoculars and trying to identify the birds we'd learned about. A marvellous day.

Below are images of Jennie's post card and some work I've been selling from my shed.

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