Monday, 22 April 2013

Clayless in Brissie

Clayless this week as I've been busy with other things. Friday I helped Kate make 120 or more cup cakes for an engagement party and we both remarked how similar the experience was to using clay. Pouring the batter/slip, kneading the icing/clay before rolling and assembling.

Saturday Geoff and I went to a Stradbroke Island wedding which was wonderful, a real country wedding with such sincerity and warmth that it brought tears to our eyes.

Today Kim and I met to plan our trip to Gulgong, we're excited! Delegates are given space on large tables to sell work, I hadn't planned to take anything as I don't have much work available but found some celadon plates and cups I had made ages ago which I have wrapped up to take. They were from an ocean series of work glazed with a beautiful crazed, green celadon with a small Lino cut impressed into each plate with wave like carving covering a small area. The celadon is much greener and has a lot of depth to it than can be seen in the photo.

Photographs below
1. Slip casting or batter pouring
2. Slab rolling
3. Finished product
5. Wedding under the Camphor Laurel tree NSI
6. Plates bound for Gulgong
7. Plate detail

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