Monday, 10 June 2013

Ready to Fire

The kiln is full, the cones are set, and my fingers are crossed. With a lot of rain, a few plates are still cold and damp I fear. But armed with my trusty heat gun they are drier than they would have been. I also put one burner on and had the flame just luffing for a while and closed the kiln up tightly after I had switched off the gas hoping that it would warm up enough to heat the plates and dry them out before I crank it up tomorrow.

The market at Point Lookout was poorly attended both by marketeers and potential buyers so it wasn't the best day. The music which was conveniently facing my stall was the highlight of the day. Adam Dunn played his guitar and sang while Len from the music stall jammed along on his Ukelele. Wow! They were great and softened the blow of few buyers.
Here's a photo to make you smile. A box of naked Barbies and Ken dolls on sale. The rest of the market looked pretty dull next to this box of naked, writhing, wild haired, orgy-like distorted bodies.

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