Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Plates, plates, plates, work, work, work.

Winter is here. Lovely.

Two weeks without a plate made thanks to a virus. Three weeks today until we set foot on the plane. YIKES!!! Meanwhile the number of wedding guest grows. YIKES again!

I was back in the shed beavering away, making 18 plates, 6 short of my goal today. Tomorrow I will have to complete the new total of 80, so with the previous 46 completed a couple of weeks ago I will make at least 16 tomorrow. Thank goodness for my magic heat gun. 

The goal wasn't reached today as a trip to Main Beach at dusk was a necessity of course. Hmmm it may have been a mistake as the beach was a wreck. Huge seas have eroded the sand-hills to cliff faces and the beach was grey with pumice that is being worn into rounded pieces with the constant wave action. It was a sad sight.
It is not even the highest tide of the week and the waves are already washing up the wheel ruts where the track leads onto the beach. What has happened to all the creatures who live on the beach, crabs, birds, eugaries, and insects with such erosion? Luckily there are no turtles hatching at this time.
My feet getting a pumice and wave pedicure!

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