Thursday, 28 March 2013

Must share this.

Another post today, don't worry it won't last I, I'll settle down soon but I have to share this exciting event with you as it was a real thrill.

Went over to the beach at sunset, it was such a beautiful evening and what did I find in a wheel rut. A newly hatched green turtle that couldn't get out of the deep rut. I know I shouldn't interfere with nature but as my husband said "It was an unnatural barrier". So I picked it up and placed it out of the rut. It made a bee line for the water and was off.

Only recently I had made some prototypes for a piece I had been thinking about for a long time. I had researched the effect on the turtles that all the rubbish has that is thrown in the ocean, it is shocking. I will include a photo of it the prototype.

It seems I can't put text with photos on my iPad when blogging, or rather i don't know how, so the photos are below.

1. Main Beach. 2. Turtle. 3. First wave. 4. Swimming away. 5. Main Beach. 6. My Prototype.

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